Re-write your financial story & future

Financial Advisement and Insurance for African Medical Professionals
We work with African medical professionals from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to re-write their financial story and create a legacy for generations to come.

Finances & insurance

Money and insurance is personal to you – because you recognise that effective financial planning and insurance is integral in your future and legacy.

By protecting and growing your wealth, you can change the circumstances for your family and generations to come.

Finances and insurance can often seem complicated. You worry about missing something vital among all the jargon that could be detrimental to you later.

Finances and insurance can be simplified. By working together with us, you’ll be equipped with the tools and knowledge to feel confident and gain control of your finances and life decisions, without missing any of the finer details that could hinder your future success.

Your legacy is our priority

Financial & insurance advisement with a cause

AfriMed Wealth was founded with a driving-purpose. Our mission is to support African medical professionals from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to succeed and re-write their stories.

With our human-first approach, we take the time to get to know you as an individual, learn about your background and envision your biggest life aspirations. With the full picture, we provide personalised advisement that best supports your unique goals.

You’ll also have access to the financial education we provide to professionals. We’ll help you become confident in your finances and future by providing you with all the tools you need to take action.

Who we are

We’re an experienced financial planning and insurance practice that assists medical professionals to make informed and confident financial decisions.

We focus on financially educating and coaching our clients to learn and unlearn good and bad financial habits.

We acknowledge and accept the fact that many of us don’t come from strong financial family backgrounds.

A strong emphasis is placed on creating and preserving wealth for our future generations. That’s why we believe financial education in current times gives power to the people.

How we help you

Planning For Generational Success

Personal Financial Management

We’ll take a systematic approach to help you maximise your existing financial resources...

Insurance Risk Cover

We’ll help you ensure that you’re covered in the event of disability, critical illness, sickness and more...

Investment planning

We’ll help you use your current financial resources to grow more funds through investments...

retirement planning

We’ll help you feel secure about your retirement plans through pre and post-retirement planning...

Educational posts

To Educate Yourself Is To Empower Yourself