Specialised financial management for medical professionals

Whether you’re familiar with financial principles or not, you deserve to work with a specialised advisor who understands the nuances involved in the medical profession and how to best manage them.

For example, medical professionals are likely to have larger student loans and typically higher insurance premiums.

Having specialised in financial management for medical professionals, we know all the ins and outs and are in a position to advise you clearly and accurately.

How we help you

Planning For Generational Success

Personal Financial Management
Financial Education & Budgeting

We’ll take a systematic approach to help you maximise your existing financial resources by equipping you to best manage your finances and achieve your financial and future aspirations.

Insurance Risk Cover
Life Cover, Disability, Critical Illness, Income Protection and Sickness Benefit

We’ll help you ensure that you’re covered in the event of disability, critical illness, sickness and more. We also assist with life cover, to take care of those you leave behind should you pass away.

Business assurance
Buy & Sell, Key Man Cover, Contingent Liability and Investment for Business

We’ll help you reduce your business risks through effective mitigation, ensuring that you have sufficient provisions in place to manage your potential risks proactively.

Investment planning
Unit Trust, Offshore, Education Plans & Guaranteed Investment

We’ll help you use your current financial resources to grow more funds through investments in unit trusts, offshore, education plans and guaranteed investments.

retirement planning
Pre & Post Retirement Planning

We’ll help you feel secure about your retirement plans through pre and post-retirement planning.

Wills & Estate planning
Wills Drafting, Trust Set Up & Winding Up of Estates

You worked hard for your achievements, with a will, you can instruct how your assets should be managed should you pass away.

Tax planning
Income Tax & Business Tax Analysis, Estate Tax & Retirement Planning Tax

It’s important to get ahead of tax and make sure that you aren’t met with any surprises. We’ll help you with a secure plan for your income, estate and retirement tax.

Short term insurance
Personal & Commercial

We’ll help you protect your personal and commercial assets through short term insurance solutions.

Business registrations
Private and Public

Registering a business is an admin-filled, time-consuming process. We can assist you with our business registration services.

Accounting services
General Accounting

You focus on your work, we’ll focus on your accounting and collaborate with you each step of the way.